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World Champions Rocks!

Ariel wanted her birthday party to have a TMNT theme and we couldn’t have chosen a better place than World Champions in Gilbert. Not only was the party top notch, but Michelangelo showed up and made the day complete. Way to go Master Edmondson and team!- Adrienne Stephany

Seema Sewell
Student of the Month

Congratulations Seema!

Congratulations Master Edmondson!

For those of you that have not heard already, our very own Master Joseph Edmondson has some special news. For all his achievements and assistance in the growth of Alpha Krav Maga in the United States, Master Edmondson been added to the Board of Directors at Alpha Krav Maga International. 

“This is quite the honor and I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being added to the board. I absolutely LOVE Alpha Krav Maga and do all I can on a daily basis to educate people on the many benefits of training with an Alpha location. Thank you to Sam Sade and the other board members who have helped me grow in this amazing art.”

– Coach Edmondson

New Events Coming in 2018

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Alpha krav maga university

May 18-20th, 2018 – Albany, NY  

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Our Kids Rank Testing will begin on Monday, 1/8 and will run through Saturday, 1/20 with promotions being given out the week of 1/23

Please turn in your testing forms prior to 1/13 in order to avoid a $5 late charge. Thank you and good luck to all testers.

Krav Maga Rank Testing for Adults will be on Sat. 1/27 at 11am